Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Screen Room and Landscaping Update

Hello all!  Happy Wednesday!  It's an overcast day here in Maine, with on-and-off showers, but that's not slowing down our contractor, or the progress that he's making.  Yesterday, Joe and his helper, Dave, got all the shingles on the roof.  Today, they are cutting all the screen to size and stapling that up.  It's coming together so nicely.  It looks so big to me, but I'm sure once I get patio furniture in there, and all the other stuff I'm envisioning, it won't be BIG enough (ha ha)!

I haven't taken a recent picture of the screen room, well not since the day before yesterday, but this is where things were when I took those latest pictures.

I can't help but also showcase all the hardscaping we have done!!  We had 13 ton of river rock (round rocks) delivered to our house almost two weeks ago.  My hubby thought we could save ourselves lots of $ if we did all the hardscaping around the pool.  Well, we did save nearly $1600, but it's tedious work.  We only had a wheelbarrow, and trust me when I say, that doesn't work so well once it's full of rocks!  I nearly tipped the thing over several times, not to mention it's HEAVY!  Thankfully, our neighbor and friend, Ben, let us use his small wagon, which we hooked onto the back of my hubby's lawn tractor, and we loaded each rock one at a time into the wagon, and then placed each rock, one-by-one, in place.  Oh my goodness, is it tedious work, but it looks so awesome.  What do you all think?

Not too bad for amateurs!!! 

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