Monday, May 11, 2015

Best Product for Washing Windows

Once again, I have been M.I.A.  I do apologize.  I have been actively working on new projects, and finishing up others, but haven't actually sat down to write about any of them, and for that I'm so sorry!  My hubby just finished building a beautiful breakfast nook bench, which I do hope to share with you soon.  He planned, constructed and built the entire thing.  I only painted it, so if there is a tutorial in the future it would have to be shared by him.  But, minimally I can share pictures!

Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast.  Last week was beautiful with sun every day and temps in the 60's-80's.  Every Spring, I feel the nudge to spring clean.  Do not be fooled....I hate spring cleaning, however, it truly is needed, at least in my home.  We are locked up tight all winter long, so dust settles and accumulates everywhere.  One of the tasks I literally despise more than anything is washing windows.  I kid you not!  I used to wash my windows every fall and spring, but now I'm down to once a year.  I have 22 glass doors and windows in my house to wash.  I find the job so tedious and let's be honest when you are done the windows don't even look all that clean, or at least mine don't.  They tend to look streaky.  Well, I happened to be reading another blog, and learned about the e-cloth.  A link was provided to amazon where I quickly began reading all the reviews.  The product received 5 out of 5 stars and had been reviewed by 377 customers.  I put a lot of stake, perhaps too much, in customer reviews.  But, for the lost cost of $13.00, I figured what did I have to lose.  I ordered two window washing cleaning packs for $26.  Here's the description provided by Amazon:

  • Provides lint-free, streak-free, sparkling clean glass using just water not potentially harmful chemicals
  • Includes one 15.75"x15.75" window cleaning cloth and one 20"x16" glass & polishing cloth
  • Fiber construction penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria with just water
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings

When the window kits arrived I immediately had to try them out.  I went to one of the dirtiest windows that had sunlight streaming in.  I realize when you wash windows the "normal" way you aren't supposed to do so in direct sunlight, but I wanted to give the e-cloth a true test.  I took the cleaning cloth and ran it under warm water and wrung it out.  I then washed the window with it, and then took the polishing cloth and dried the window.  OH MY WORD!!!!!  I couldn't believe the results.  The window was spotless.  There were no streaks, and the window was clear of smudges and fingerprints.  It took no time at all to wash the entire window inside and out.  And one of the best features of the can wash them in the washing machine and reuse!!!

I have shared this hidden little treasure with all of my Mom friends.  So, I want to introduce it to all of you:  E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack.  I have washed nearly all my windows, glass doors, and mirrors.  With this amazing product I honestly don't mind washing windows anymore.  It is so fast and easy, and most importantly EFFECTIVE!  But, don't take my word for it, try one.  This is not a paid endorsement, these are my personal opinions, and experience using the E-Cloth.  The only draw back to the product is if you wash several windows at one time, the polishing cloth does get rather damp.  If it becomes too damp it's not as effective.  That is the reason I bought two kits.  But aside from that, I'm sold on this product!