Monday, September 10, 2012

Inexpensive Wall Art for Dining Room or Kitchen

I don't know about you, but I have always had a hard time finding the "right" decor for my walls!  In addition to that, I hate to pay a lot of money for wall decor.  If you can relate, boy have I got a GREAT solution for you! 

I have been remodeling my dining room for the past 1 1/2 years.  The only thing left to do to make the room complete was to add some wall decor.  I posted about the idea of framing a piece of fabric or wall paper, which I did.  But, I had another small wall that really needed something, and then it happened, I heard this fabulous idea of framing an old family recipe.  Now, I originally got this idea from the Nate Show, but they were suggesting that you frame a recipe in a table-top frame, to place on your counter tops as decoration.  But, I don't need anymore stuff on my counter tops, so I thought to myself, "why couldn't I type of a family recipe, enlarge it, and frame it to hang in my dining room."  So, that's exactly what I did.  I wanted a square frame, and  A.C. Moore, had these 12"x12" scrap booking frames in black, that I just loved.  They were simple, and exactly the right size for the wall space.  I decided to stack one frame above another, so I bought two 12"x12" black frames.  With the 40% off coupon, I got both frames for just under $9/each.  I then went over to the scrap booking section and bought two card stock scrap booking sheets in a French Vanilla to print the recipe on.  Those were all of .50.  I came home, typed up the two family recipes, one of which was my grandmother's recipe, and another was my great-grandmother's recipe.  I played with the font size and font style, coming up with something that was visually pleasing and, of course, something that would fill the space on the paper.  Then I went to print it and realized that my every day printer could not accommodate a paper as wide as 12".  I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to get the recipes printed at a local copy center.  Well, was I ever WRONG!  The 12"x12" size is so unique and not-standard that it was nearly impossible to find a print shop that could print that size.  I finally stumbled upon a little print shop in Hallowell, Maine, and they were so accommodating, however, the scrap booking sheet was not acceptable to be printed on.  Apparently, laser printers can not print on textured paper, and the paper must be laser-friendly.  They had a white sheet of paper size 12"x18" that they could print on, and then crop for me, but you know me, I wanted a vanilla or ecru backdrop for my recipe.  So, I came back home and started to google laser-friendly 12"x12" paper.  I was so relieved to find a place, LCI, out of Massachusetts that had exactly what I needed (12"x12" laser friendly ecru paper).  I was able to order samples for $1.25 a sheet, and they were shipped for free.  I brought the sheets into the print shop and they were able to print them off, and they came out beautifully.  They only charged me $7 for printing both sheets.

Check them out all framed and hung on my dining room wall, both for a total cost of $26!

Aren't they beautiful!  I just love the idea of displaying family recipes as wall art.  I might have to do this in my kitchen, when I get around to renovating that space.

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