Friday, October 5, 2012

The Screen Room is FINISHED

I am happy to report that our screen room is finished!  Do you hear the trumpets playing and the angels singing?  It looks absolutely amazing!  It's hard to think about having to wait until next Spring/Summer before we can REALLY enjoy it, but for now I'm just marveling at how nice it looks, and how great it will be to be able to be outside, yet sheltered from the hot summer sun and the BUGS!  Yes, folks, in Maine there are a lot of black flies and mosquitoes. 

I have acquired all 5 of the patio chairs I bought at Lowes, and am contemplating whether I should put them together and leave them in the screen room through the winter, or just wait until Spring to put them out there....HUM......

Anyhow, here is the final reveal

I'm already envisioning bright, fun, drapery panels, an outdoor area rug, and so much more.  Will be sure to post updates as they happen, though this little project will have to wait until warmer weather, which most likely won't be until next April or May:-)


  1. Looks great! Next time I visit, we'll just throw the kids in the pool and chill since Charlie thinks he doesn't need my help anyway! Hahahaha!