Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backyard Renovations Update 1

Well, honestly, I think it has rained here in Maine for a week straight.  All the rivers and streams are flooding.  With that being said, it's quite difficult to get anything accomplished outside!  Our Contractor, Joe Simpson, popped over today to get something done on our deck.  Poor guy, he has all this work to do, and just can't get to the various jobs he has committed to due to the rain.  We can't say enough good about Mr. Simpson.  Despite the rain delaying all his jobs, and the many jobs he has committed to, he still squeezed our project in.  We are so grateful.  We would've had to get real creative in finding ways to get in and out of the pool!  Joe's working hard despite the on and off rain showers!  F.Y.I. if anyone in the Central Maine area needs a contractor, Joe is awesome!  I'll post more, at a later date, about some of the beautiful projects he has done in our home, pictures and all!

So, here's where we stand as of today with the deck.  Joe was able to frame up the floor of the deck which connects from our existing deck to the pool.  We will have an 8'x8' deck abutting the pool.  We will then step down onto our existing deck, which will only be 5 ft. wide by 14 ft. long.  This area will allow a space for our grill and just some outdoor space, albeit small.  The remainder of our deck will be converted into a screened-in deck with a roof (16'x14').  We aren't sure this will be done anytime soon, as Joe has other jobs he has to get to, and we need to get busy laying the deck boards (who knows how long that will take us).  At this point we really just want the deck to be functional, safe, and allow for access to the pool.  Joe also reinforced the deck with posts set in cement to support the weight of the screened-in room and it's roof.

Take a look....

Check back in a couple of weeks to see if we finish putting down the deck boards. Now we just need to decide......pressure treated or composite decking for the flooring? Any thoughts?


  1. Composite! So worth it. A little power washing now and then and just like new, no splinters, no shrinking or warping! Love ours!

  2. I vote composite as well! It will last longer with a lot less maintainence!